North American Mushrooms : A Field Guide to Edible and Inedible Fungi


 Book language : English

ISBN : 9780762731091

Author : Dr. Orson K. Miller Jr. and Hope Miller

Release date : 2006

Pages : 592

With more than 600 brilliant color photographs, detailed line drawings, informative and illuminating descriptions, and critical identification keys, NORTH AMERICAN MUSHROOMS is the definitive guide to the fungi of the United States and Canada. This comprehensive book for expert and amateur alike offers tips on how, where, and when to collect wild mushrooms; suggestions for culinary uses; a section on mushroom toxins; and pictorial keys and glossaries to aid the user in precise identification. This is a must-have reference book for anyone interested in wild mushrooms, their uses, and their habitats.

DR. ORSON K. MILLER JR. is one of the preeminent mycologists in the United States. His wife and research partner, HOPE H. MILLER is the author of a wild mushroom cookbook.