Customized Group Excursions

The Mycoboutique organizes mushroom gathering excursions in favorable locations. These excursions, both relaxed and friendly, allow participants to venture in the woods, discover and pick wild mushrooms. Experienced guides lead the group through wild locations specifically chosen for their mycological potential. The typical trip beginning early in the...

Evaluation of Wild Mushrooms Commercial and Recreational Potential of a Wood Lot

The Mycoboutique offers a unique service to comprehensively assess the commercial and recreational potential of a property. This estimate, which focuses on edible mushroom species, is completed using readily available information: aerial photos, eco-forestry maps, forest management plans, temperature reports, etc. It reveals species that are most likely...

Mushroom Buyer

We are always in search of quality wild mushrooms. If you get lucky in your harvest, give us a call to know our buying prices.

Training for Commercial Gatherers and Mycological Guides

The Mycoboutique offers customizable training for commercial mushroom gatherers and guides. Our trainers share with participants the unique expertise we acquired through the years, gathering, buying, selling, processing wild mushrooms on the one hand, and accompanying groups of apprentice foragers on excursions on the other. The participants learn when and...

Introduction to the Kingdom Fungi

Designed for beginners, the Mycoboutique offers an introduction to the wonderful world of mushrooms and in particular, the wild varieties of your locale. This talk builds on the various distinctive characteristics of mushrooms, precautions while identifying, species to be avoided, gathering tips, popular edible species, and preservation and cooking...


Thematic Talk and Taste Testing

At the store and even elsewhere, the Mycoboutique regularly hosts taste-testing coupled with a talk that gives participants a chance to both taste and learn about interesting edible mushrooms. The focus of this 90-minute session is usually on a particular gourmet and/or medicinal mushroom species, ranging from truffles to morels to chanterelles and much...