Customized Group Excursions

The Mycoboutique organizes mushroom gathering excursions in favorable locations. These excursions, both relaxed and friendly, allow participants to venture in the woods, discover and pick wild mushrooms.

Experienced guides lead the group through wild locations specifically chosen for their mycological potential.

The typical trip beginning early in the morning and ends at 3PM, with a break at 1PM for lunch. This break gives participants a chance to have their mushrooms identified and to taste a sauté of the most tasty specimens. 

The above formula can be adapted to the preferences of specific groups: corporations, horticultural clubs, municipal recreation departments, academic institutions, etc. Date, time, location, additopnnal services required (lunch, for instance).

Such adventures foster team building!

Safety is insured for all participants during the course of the excursion.

The base cost for an excursion is 900$ for the first 12 participants and 50$ for each additional participant, excluding travel. The sites are usually within a radius of less than 100 km from Montréal.

Please contact us for more information.