Dosing Amanita Muscaria : And What to Expect


Book language : English

ISBN : 9798988296621

Author : Amanita Dreamer

Release Year : 2023

Pages : 243

This book will introduce you to the true magic of the medicine of Amanita muscaria. As you walk the path of the medicine, you will find yourself in a wonderland of renewal, as this book eases you through the sometimes subtle, sometimes profound changes while you grow.

You will learn how to adjust your dose, measure your progress with diagnostic sheets, and find your courage to lean into higher doses of the medicine. Part textbook, part worksheet, part journal, and part story of elders and ancestors, you will find what you need in this beautifully crafted book by the talented Amanita Dreamer. She created this work with love for the mushroom medicine and for you and your journey into growth, power, love, and magical acceptance of your divinity.

Come walk with the Amanita medicine and find peace from the hectic and sometimes insane world we live in, to come home to the restful, peaceful heart inside yourself where your wisdom, knowledge, and truest self resides. Watch your fears and anxieties melt away over time as you find your worth in the conversations with the Mushroom Voice.